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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some frequently asked questions and let us know if you have more queries regarding leaflet distribution services in leicester and all your leaflet delivery requirements

Which type of material you can distribute?

Menu, flyers, leaflets, business cards, Booklets or magazines, brochures or any other type of promotional material which can be inserted into letterboxes.

Where areas in Leicester can you distribute my leaflets and / or magazines ?

We distribute your leaflets in homes all over Leicestershire and LE postcodes and also if required surrounding areas nearby, we do not distribute in certain areas of Leicester

see below link of Leicester Council Website for more details :


Do you deliver in flats and non residential buildings?

We deliver to all residential homes properties – We do not deliver to flats and other non residential premises due to access problems. Remember no letterbox no delivery. So if there is a letterbox we will deliver there

What are your prices ?

Please see our prices section to get detailed information on our prices and services , if you have large or regular jobs then we can give you overall better deal if you tell us quantity, area and frequency of the distribution campaign.


How do I know if my leaflets are distributed in the place and time promised?

We will provide you full GPS tracking information which will show each and every house your leaflets are delivered with date and time information.You are free to check all or spot check any properties to verify once the job is completed and we have send you full gps tracking report

How long does it take to distribute my material ?

Depends on quantity and area and the distribution service you have selected, we will work with you closely to achieve the start and end time of your leaflet distribution campaign. The more notice you give us the better for us.

How do you accept payments ? And can I pay after the job done?

We can accept payments by cheque, BACS , direct bank deposit to any nearest natwest bank or can pay us in person when you come to drop your leaflets or when we arrange to collect your leaflets. Your job will only start once the payment has been received, also we do not provide credit accounts at the moment.

Do you offer design and print service?

Yes we do offer full design and  high quality print service at a very competitive prices

What if I want to use my own printer?

We have no issue at all if you do not want to use our cheap price printing service to save money, just ask your printer to deliver your leaflets to us and we will do the rest.

Will you provide me details of house count and demographics information for the areas I am interested?

Yes, we can provide you with full house count for postcode area you are interested ( upto subpostcode level e.g. LE2 4) and also we can provide full demographics information for sub postcode level as well FREE of charge to all our clients. Full 100% GPS tracking information provided as standard (included with all jobs and orders )


Call us for more information 0116 216 1739 for fully guaranted and 100% gps tracked leicester leaflet delivery service

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