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Postcode Overview – mapping, demographics and streetlist with door count data

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See below some info on Postcode Overview
Postcode geography is one of the most widely used frameworks for geographic analysis within the UK, due to its simplicity and the fact that its use is so widespread. There are five levels of Postcode geography.  These are described below.
Unit Postcodes are the smallest and most detailed level.  They usually represent a small group of addresses (16 on average) or one PO Box.  This is the full Postcode and is most commonly used when addressing mail.  An example of a Unit Postcode is LE5 1QE.
Postcode Sub-Sectors are the next smallest level of geography.  These represent, on average, about 200 delivery points.  An example of a Postcode Sub-Sector is LE5 1Q.  Postcode Sub-Sectors are not used in the our demographics data.
Postcode Sectors, on average, contain about 3,000 delivery points.  They generally represent a group of villages or part of a town or city.  An example of a Postcode Sector is LE5 1.
Postcode Districts are the second largest level of Postcode geography.  On average they represent about 9,500 delivery points and usually cover an area containing a town or part of a city.  An example of a Postcode District is LE5.
Postcode Areas are the largest and least detailed level of Postcode Geography.  They represent, on average, approximately 200,000 delivery points and usually cover an area containing a city and a number of neighbouring towns.  An example of a Postcode Area is LE.
Post Towns are assigned to each of the Postcode Sectors. There are approximately 1,650 Post Towns.
Data in OUR MAPPING SYSTEMS is stored at Area, District and Sector level.

gps tracking example

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